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Thai massage is a special type of massage, emphasized on gentle pressure to specific points. Practiced in Thailand.

Effect of Thai Massage

  • Improving blood circulation, heating the massaged area, removal of edema  
  • Improving the strength and efficiency of the muscles, elimination of the toxins, stress relief, relaxation of the tendons and improvement of their elasticity  
  • Stimulation and improvement of the nervous system activity  
  • Relaxation and deep breathing Improvement of the flexibility of digestive tract, massage of the stomach area in order to prevent indigestion  
  • Improvement of the blood flow, skin state improvement, smoothing of the scars  

Our SPA-salon offers 20 types of Thai massage, from which you can choose the most appropriate for you:  

  • Traditional Thai massage (head, legs, hands, body) Emotional and physical reviving, special treatment of  problem causing areas
  • "Morning Freshness" massage. Traditional Thai body massage
  • "Great Royal Thai SPA-massage".  Traditional Thai massage, Oil - massage, hot sacks-massage with Thai herbs, Gorgeous Thai herb essential oils SPA-treatment
  • "Breath of Siam". Thai herb SPA-massage using sacks with Thai herbs 
  • Thai Aroma-Oil massage "Minutes of bliss". Massage for body deep relaxation
  • "Harmony of body and soul". The combination of a one-hour oil-massage and a half-hour slim massage using special creams
  • "SLIM massage". Thai massage for figure correction using cream
  • The ABS anti-cellulite massage. Thai massage for figure correction using cream
  • "A way to perfection". A combination of Thai traditional massage and slim-massage using slimming cream and Thai Balm.
  • "The blessing of Buddha". Head and face massage using herbal tea bags
  • "Lightness of Being". The combination of rapid foot massage and neck massage
  • "Lifeblood". The combination of rapid foot massage and neck massage
  • "Pearl of the Orient". Foot massage for tired feet
  • "Express FOOT massage". Foot massage for very busy people
  • "Buddha’s Touch". Head and face massage
  • "Journey to Nirvana". The combination of foot massage and oil-massage using essential oils "The healing power". A combination of Thai foot massage and neck area massage
  • "Still Wave". Neck area massage
  • "Lotus and Jasmine" Thai fairy tale. A combination of Thai classic massage and oil-massage "Mental health". A combination of Thai traditional massage and neck and shoulder massage
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