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Banquet halls

Tsargrad hotel is proud of its banquet halls, which are outstanding not only for their beauty of interiors, but also for their functionality. 

  • For large-scale events with many participants we can offer you "Gerbovy", "Tsarsky" halls and "Trapeznaya” restaurant with access to an open terrace. 
  • For smaller celebrations we can offer "Boyarsky" and "Knyazhesky" rooms as we ass "Druzhina" pub. 
  • For an unusual event it's suitable to use Bar & Billiard Room and Winter Garden. 

From May to October you can organize an on-site out-door event. We made it possible for guests not to feel cold in early spring or autumn, providing heating pads.

So-called "boar show" is very impressive, as wild boar is being baked on a spit with further distribution among guests. This show will be a highlight of your celebration and will be remembered by guests for a long time. 

Name Size, sq. m. Banquet BuffetFeatures
"Gerbovy" 221 150 200 Big stage, availability of professional lighting and sound equipment
"Knyazhesky" 72 25 25 Vaulted ceiling, decorative curved column in the center of the hall, a small stage
"Tsarsky" 139 50 50 The most beautiful hall of the hotel, royal interiors, beautiful chandeliers and sconces, a small stage
Winter Garden 133 Forged staircase, leading to a small stage on the 2nd floor, fountain in the center with a small swimming pool, dormer windows overlooking Oka
"Boyarsky" 137 100 50 Convenient because of the possibility to arrange tables differently due to the lack of decorative elements or separations
Bar & Billiard Vaulted ceiling, big triangle dormer windows, view of Oka river
Open terrace of "Trapeznaya"restaurant
Access to a terrace makes it possible to organize a grill menu. Guests are seated in the restaurant, while outdoors BBQ is cooked, or meat, or vegetables, or risotto. In “Trapeznaya” the main feature is the Russian porcelain style fireplace
"Druzhina" pub 130 20 A la Russe style with wooden furniture
Big BBQ area
100 100 BBQ areas are not far from each other in the wooden part of the hotel. Areas are wooden, covered all round. Heating pads at request if necessary
Small BBQ area
20 20
"Fireplace Hall" 126 60 70 Bold hunting style blends with the elements of Russian painting. There is a perfect fireplace in the center of the hall, heated with birch firewood only

For extra comfort each hall provides air-conditioning and Internet access. 

All the halls, except for "Gerbovy" hall, have natural lighting.

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