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Excursion program

Location of Tsargrad offers not only natural wealth, fresh air and breathtaking scenery, but also an opportunity to get to know something new about Russian ancient architecture.

Nearby attractions:

Venue Distance from the hotel What to see
Teshilovskoe settlement 0,2 Remains of ancient settlements
Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve 5 Glacial lakes, wisent nursery
Pushchino 5 Pushchino mansion of the XIX century, Pushchino settlement of the XVIth century, Science City
Serpukhov 10 Settlement of the XIVth century, History and Art Museum, the ancient Episcopal and Vysotsky monasteries (only here you can find the icon “The Inexhaustible Cup“)Old Believer Pokrovskaya church, town house of the Russian architect R.I. Klein
Ostrich Farm 10 Commercial cultivation of black and African ostriches and pheasants, souvenir
"Dvoryaninovo" manor 10 Museum-estate of A.T. Bolotov
Dvidov’s Holy Ascension Desert 15 The ancient monastery and holy spring
"Melikhovo" Estate 15 Museum-estate of A. Chekhov
Bolshoe Grizlovo airfield 15 Parachuting, paragliding, small aircrafts
"Polenovo" manor 20 Museum-estate of V.D. Polenov
"Podmolkovo" manor 20 Dolgoruky’ss estate. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, 1754
Tarusa20Museum-estate of the Tsvetaev’s family. E. Dashkova’s museum
"Yasnaya Polyana" estate 65 Museum-estate of L.N. Tolstoi, Volkonsky’s estate
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